GRADUATE: All Students Successful

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The John P. Ellbogen Foundation will provide support and funding to a community-based design team that is comprised of the local school district administration, teachers and support staff, school board representation, PTA representation or the equivalent parent organization, Community College and/or University personnel whenever possible, students, early childhood specialists and community and business members.  The coalition must collaboratively implement and sustain an initiative as part of a larger systemic design to (1) increase the services and supports necessary for more students, especially at-risk students, to complete high school with a diploma AND (2) increase the capacity of students who do graduate to succeed in their first year of post-secondary education/training or their first year in a job. 


The John P. Ellbogen Foundation has identified two broad outcomes for investment in Wyoming communities and schools.  The outcomes of proposals from the GRADUATE:  All Students Successful grant must ultimately 1) increase the number of students, especially at-risk students, who complete high school and receive a diploma and 2) increase the capacity of students who do receive a diploma to succeed in their first year in the job market or in postsecondary education and training.  This funding is meant to supplement not supplant funds for current systemic efforts to raise graduation rates.


Below you will find links to download the Grant Proposal, Evaluation Criteria, and Scoring Directions. In addition, templates for the Action Plan and Budget are provided. You will also find a link to an article focusing on Wyoming High School Graduation Statistics. If you have any questions concerning any of these documents please contact:

Mary Garland


GRADUATE Grant Documents


GRADUATE Proposal Evaluation Criteria

GRADUATE Scoring Directions

GRADUATE Proposal Resources


Action Plan Template

Budget Template


Wyoming High School Graduation Statistics

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