The Ellbogen Foundation will not have a formal grantmaking process in the fall of 2020, and has not identified dates for a formal grant cycle at this time. The Foundation Board and staff continue to assess the needs of people across Wyoming, and will support COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts. Please check the website for updates to this process.


Letter of Inquiry

The Ellbogen Foundation requires a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) as the first step in the grant request process. A period of time is set out before each spring and fall Board meeting when the Foundation will receive and review letters that are input into the form below. Formal grant proposals will be invited after letters are reviewed. LOIs must be submitted electronically in this form: . 


Formal Grant Proposals

To submit a grant request to the John P. Ellbogen Foundation you must first complete a Letter of Inquiry. Submitting a grant request application is by invitation only. If invited to submit a formal proposal, you will be directed to our Grant Proposal webpage: .


Awarded Grant Reports

Grant reports from entities who have been awarded dollars are due one year after the grant has been awarded.

Grant reports must be submitted in the format outlined in the Grant Reporting webpage: