Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative

OBJECTIVE: To Provide Foundation Support for Statewide Actions Designed to Strengthen the Quality of Classroom Teaching in Wyoming’s Public Schools by Increasing the Number of National Board Certified Teachers to a Level of National Leadership. 


• Significantly increasing the recruitment of teacher applicants for National Board Certification; 
• Establishing a strong support system for teachers undergoing the process; and 
• Providing awards and public recognition to those receiving the certification.


• Create awareness among leadership in Wyoming about the importance of National Board Certification for our teachers and seek their support in measures that will encourage more teachers to become certified. 
• Fund statewide presentations and workshops to educate teachers about certification and the kinds of assistance they will receive in the process. 
• Coordinate a support system of workshops, cohort groups, and one-on-one assistance from trained support providers.
• Engage National Board Certified Teachers and other education leaders to aid in making this initiative a success across the State of Wyoming.
• Support Leadership Development for National Board Certified Teachers in Wyoming.
• Fund $950 of the assessment fee for candidates. 
• Promote dual Masters/National Board Certification collaboration with the University of Wyoming.
• Advocate for ongoing financial benefits for National Board Certified Teachers. 
• Host an annual “Awards / Recognition” dinner. 

The Foundation will play a continuing role in implementing and funding actions to support the stated objective. The Board invites input and collaboration from any source.

Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative website: www.wnbci.org

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website: www.nbpts.org


*significant progress has been made on each of the stated actions.