Basic Needs

The Foundation recognizes that basic needs security influences both child and adult well-being and is a challenge that we must face to reach our vision. We know that basic needs insecurity did not arrive with the pandemic, but there is extensive evidence that it has amplified issues of financial and material hardship for many. Through our priority on basic needs, we partner with leaders in Wyoming’s communities to increase hope and lessen the stressors that result from food, housing, transportation, and health care insecurities.

Early Childhood

As an initiative of the Foundation, the role of the Wyoming Early Childhood Partnership via the Wyoming Kids First initiative is to create a powerful early childhood community that collaborates, accelerates, elevates, and advocates for the conditions that are necessary for each and every young child to thrive.

K-12 Education

The Foundation recognzies that children and youth learn and grow within and across community networks of families, schools, afterschool programs, and other community enrichment opportunities. The Foundaiton funds innovative work to support children and youth as they engage in their communities to learn, stay healthy, develop a sense of belonging, explore interests and passions, and connect with peers and caring adults. 

Post-Secondary Education

With strong partnerships at the University of Wyoming and Wyoming Community Colleges, the Foundation is committed to the success of individuals who access and complete educational opportunities beyond high school. Two- and four-year degrees, technical training, apprenticeships, and certificate programs all support the development of tomorrow’s workforce and require intentional support and guidance for students to be successful.

Fund For Teachers

Fund for Teachers works with the Foundation to support Wyoming educators’ efforts to develop skills, knowledge and confidence that impact student achievement. Fund for Teachers invites teachers to design a summer learning experience that will transform classrooms by bringing out the scholar, explorer, scientist or artist in them – and then, their students!

We The People

The Foundation has supported the growth, expansion, and sustainability of the Wyoming We the People program, ensuring that the program (begun in 1987) continues to train the next generation of civic leaders and well-informed citizens for Wyoming’s communities. The program is connected to nationwide network of educators and school leaders, and relies on quality teachers who participate and guide their students to develop a deep and abiding respect for their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

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