The next Ellbogen Foundation grant cycle will begin with a Letter of Inquiry that must be submitted between 8:00 a.m. on Monday, April 1 and 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 5.

The Ellbogen Foundation requires a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) as the first step in the grant request process. A period of time is set out before each Board meeting when the Foundation will receive and review letters that are input into a form that will appear below during that designated timeframe. Letters that are not received in the form in the designated LOI submission timeframe will not be shared or reviewed for formal proposal consideration.

The LOI includes three sections and is a short submission that succinctly summarizes the work being proposed.
LOIs will be reviewed by a committee of Ellbogen Foundation Board members who will decide whether or not to invite a grant proposal for funding consideration by the Ellbogen Foundation Board. Reading the LOI should give the committee enough detail to elicit curiosity, energy and excitement for the work that would be further described in a formal grant proposal; think of the LOI as an “elevator pitch” for funding.

Please contact Becca Steinhoff for additional support:  307-575-2443 

Please do not submit a Letter of Inquiry form for the following expenses, as these requests will not be funded:

  • Capital campaigns or building renovation costs,
  • Lobbying,
  • Conducting voter registration drives or influencing public elections.

The three content sections of the LOI may be downloaded here or reviewed below. The General Information and Geographies and Priorities sections must be completed and submitted in the online form. The Narrative section may be submitted in writing in the form OR in a 5 minute video shared in a link via the form. Submissions may not include both written and video narrative; only one will be reviewed by the committee. Please read these tips for developing a successful LOI.

1. General Information

  • Date
  • Legal Name of Organization
  • Contact information
  • EIN
  • Website
  • Applicant Contact, Title and contact information
  • Mission Statement
  • Grant Funds Requested from the Ellbogen Foundation
  • Total Project Costs (or total organizational budget for general operating grant requests)

2. Geographies and Priorities Identification

  • The Ellbogen Foundation prioritizes funding for initiatives and activities that serve the state of Wyoming or a region of the state. Occasionally, funding will be granted to particularly innovative or enterprising initiatives or activities that serve only a single community. Please indicate the geographic area served by your proposed grant work (i.e. list counties or indicate statewide).
  • The Ellbogen Foundation prioritizes work in the following areas. Please check the boxes of those priorities that your grant work aligns with and strengthens.
    Basic needs (food, housing, transportation, healthcare, wellbeing)
    Education (early childhood through post-secondary)
    Quality teaching
    Financial responsibility and personal self-sufficiency
    Civic education and engagement

3. Narrative

  • Tell us about your organization. Who do you serve and why?
  • What are you applying for and how much?
  • The Ellbogen Foundation seeks to understand the needs of the people it serves and funds impactful work that addresses those needs. Describe the need(s) you are trying to address with this funding. What will this grant help you do?
  • The Ellbogen Foundation mission statement is: To create or cause change primarily for the benefit of the people of the State of Wyoming through the support of science, education, and charity. How will this grant help your organization benefit the people of the state of Wyoming?
  • The Ellbogen Foundation recognizes that collaboration and partnership are critical to achieving impact. Who are you working with?

    This form will be available in the spring of 2024.